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Tonight 12 pm: Fukushima on George Noory Coast to Coast.

Listen to Dennis Watts at midnighttonight on Coast to Coast with George Noory . And please sign this petition to get some action on Fukushima–a MUCH worse disaster than Chernobyl…

The red & yellow is the boiling radioactive water being dumped daily–400 tons daily–contaminating more than just the Pacific. Listen to Dennis Watts discuss the gravity of Fukushima tonight at midnight on Coast to Coast with George Noory. And sign our petition to allow available technologies be applied and end the media black-out.


 Although four years have passed since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, and the media has stopped paying attention, the situation is far from over. It is worsening. Hundreds of tons of hot radioactive water into the sea daily. The reactor’s core is melting its way uncontrollably through the earth–a full-on China Syndrome. This is an Extinction Level Event that need immediate attention and solutions.

The Good News is that there is an available solution!

Did you know the Fukushima nuclear disaster is five times worse than Chernobyl?

Did you know there are massive marine life casualties along the entire US Pacific Coast and around the world? Radiation does not only affect Japan, but the entire Pacific region due to the radiation trajectory and sea life migration tumors 2

Did you know three reactors are in critical China Syndrome condition, meaning that melted fuel rods have gone through the floor, causing the core to be uncontrollable.  And the fourth one is hanging by a thread?

Did you know that the 400 nuclear reactors in the world each produce approximately $1 million daily?  Might this explain the lack of media coverage?  Although mainstream media is diverted by the 2016 election, we still must pay attention as our very existence depends upon it. Official Washington DC sources are playing it down.

Did you know there is no containment in sight and the situation is worsening since last September’s huge typhoon?

 Did you know that in Japan there’s a mandatory code of silence regarding anything related to Fukushima?

 Did you know that there is an available solution? On the desks of our US government right now is a proposal by NASA scientist Dennis Watts. He has access to technologies that can remediate radioactive waste and restore the Fukushima area back to an environmentally sound space. Sophisticated thermography sensor technology would be used to locate and measure the remediation process, and locate the fragmented coriums. Uranium-eating bacteria can remediate toxic waste in inaccessible areas, such as inside and underneath the reactor facilities and deep inside the earth. Furthermore, once the thermographs and precise locations are identified, classified technology can be deployed to delete the root cause of the heat signature.

A 5-phase plan, completed over a period of 5 to 6 years, requires the cooperation of military, corporate, scientific and governmental organizations in  addition to those in Japan.  After four years of unchecked contamination, this project is well beyond the resources of just one country.

We are asking you to sign this petition to ask the Japanese government to allow US scientific intervention in Fukushima, access to the Daiichi nuclear plant, and allow US scientists to help fix the problem at Fukushima.

We demand a response from the U.N., the US and Japanese governments, and a response from all concerned citizens on this planet. We also demand a response from General Electric, the maker of several of the reactors, whom experts had long criticized for their obsession with savings over safety and their wobbly weaknesses in design, according to the New York Times.

We might have difficulty in pronouncing Fukushima, but everyone in the world now knows how to say Chernobyl. When it comes to quality of life and survival on this planet, that is a language everyone should know how to speak. Act now! Click on this petition.

Ancestral Memory and Solstice Energy Part I

Ancestral Memory and Solstice Energy is upon us.  This is  part of an article I wrote for the Malibu Chronicle.  Malibu Chronicle Malibu Chronicle.
As the winter solstice approaches, we shift our energies toward connecting and celebrating with others. In ages past, before we got entrenched in the huge commercial undertaking of The Shopping Season, our species used to be sensitive to the unique solstice energies that surround the planet when it is spiraling farthest from the sun.

Yule logBut if we breathe deeply into our inner space, we can still feel the ancestral memories—cultures lighting candles and fires—for the god Dionysus and Mithras, for Christmas, Chanukah and other festivals. Can we feel in our bones the memory of the Stonehenge Druids lighting candles as the sun’s rays hit the solstice stone? The Romans’ winter Saturnalia Festival consisted of two weeks of revelry allowing the upper and lower classes to mix, all dancing around a giant log that burned for two weeks.  A tradition carried on in Northern Europe resulting in a French log-shaped chocolate cake!

Can you feel this heritage, this ancient connection to our magnetic planet and the photons of astral energies? This interconnectedness with the past is expressed in Hegel’s theory of zeitgeist or time-spirit: the world as a giant organism unfolding as spirit and mind through time. Jung called this planetary emotional funnel the Collective Unconscious. These deeper memories are the carpeting of our subconscious.

And biologically, genetic studies reveal that we still carry the emotional joys and scars of our forefathers in our mitochondrial DNA. Until recently, we thought that our genetic make-up was inalterable. But this other kind of DNA, in contrast to nucleic DNA, is in fact accessible and re-programmable. Now we see that what our ancestors experienced leaves a biological imprint on us. We can affect this legacy by what we do, what we eat, and what we think. We can feel these influences and memories and choose how to react to them and to our current experiences. In Part II I will suggest ways to mitigate the negative heritage of our early centuries or our own early years, and enhance the positive legacy.

Earth’s Jewels and their Frequencies

Eath’s jewels and their frequencies is more and more in the news. Can we believe that stones, mined from deep within the earth’s crust, carry specific frequencies that can affect us personally?  This seems to have been the consensus throughout history among the most advanced civilizations.  From Neolithic grave sites to the Egyptian and Biblical sages and shamans, the stones’ radiation’s were used for visionary and healing purposes.  Some were ground into healing powders in China, Egypt and South America. Silicon is a vital component found both in crystals and in our bodies, and silicon allows a transfer of subtle electromagnetic energy.

SahasraraWearing a pendant is one way to facilitate the healing action of a rock crystal as it lays against the skin and emanates out to the wearer and to the beholder.  This particular crystal pendant is made of sterling silver around a black tourmaline medallion. Tourmaline resonates with the first three lower chakras and especially with the solar plexus and is known to work against depression. It influences digestion and assimilation of nourishment.  And it blocks negative frequencies from harming us by neutralizing them. Traditionally it is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

The pattern in this pendant is called “Sahasrara,” the term for the seventh chakra above the head.  It represents a thousand-petaled lotus flower, the image often seen on the head of a Buddha statue, and the symbol of our  gateway to super-consciousness and highest purpose. In Chinese theory, this point is called ”the Meeting of a Thousand Pathways”, where the energies of the many suns come through the top of our head and then circulate via a thousand neurons through the brain and down through the body.  A great acupuncture point for stimulating the brain and a strong focus of meditation.  So this pendant supports the potential powers of several chakras at once.

This and other sacred geometric stone pendants can be ordered from the website,  Support, heal, and beautify in one stroke!

Join us for the Contact in the Desert

Dr Kathleen at Contact in the Desert

Come join us for the Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree.  The speakers are the best experts from many corners of the globe, including all the faces you see on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, including David Wilcock, George Noory, Jim Marrs and a huge roster of brilliant researchers. Joshua Tree is such an extraordinary place with excellent night viewing of outer space activity.  The rocks there have jutted up from a deeper layer of the earth’s mantle.  You truly have the feeling that you are in Jurassic Park! The night goggles show a gelatinous plasma universe made up of shiny atoms vibrating all over the sky.

I will be speaking about Terrestrials! We and our electromagnetic laser beam bodies and how we can adapt to potential changes and dimensional shifts that could prove difficult for Earthlings.

Steven Rosenblatt will discuss the ancient evidence of visitations as recorded on Sumerian seals and researched by Zachariah Sitchen. He also explains our human make-up with its contributions from other planetary sources.

Stephen Bassett will report on the progress of the Congressional Hearings Initiative and the 30 hours of testimony from generals, pilots and witnesses given to former members of congress a year ago.  This material is now being shared with current members of Congress.  The aim is to pressure the U.S. government to release its UFO files as has done 13 other countries, including England and France.  Bassett: ”The U.S. government by intention or default is trying to extend the intellectual ghettoization of the extraterrestrial issue well into the second decade of the exopolitics era.”

Come catch up on the latest data on this critical subject.  Maybe benign aliens WILL come and save this insane planet..!



More: Amelia Boynton Robinson still activist at 109.

Amelia in wheelchair beside President Obama.

Amelia in wheelchair beside President Obama.

Yes, Amelia Boynton Robinson is still an activist at 109. The film Selma came out in advance of last weekend’s 50th anniversary of the Selma march that was so viciously attacked by the infamous sheriff Jim Clark, with the approval of the infamous governor George Wallace. So over this last weekend, the actual 50th anniversary, we saw President Obama marching over the bridge, holding the hand of Amelia Boynton Robinson as she was pushed in a wheelchair.  On ”Bloody Sunday” fifty years ago when she was in her sixties, she was beaten unconscious and her photograph was flashed all over the world, causing massive outrage. The events of that day led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Amy Goodman interviewed her and Jesse Jackson at the bridge on Saturday.

We recently celebrated her heroic life here in Los Angeles  where she received the Nelson Mandela Leadership Award from Nelson’s grandson Kweku.  The following day, Saturday, February 21st, we held a reception for her at the Creative Visions Center in Malibu.  Director Kathy Eldon, an award recipient from the Mandela family, and I hosted this event.  Amelia did media interviews including a front page LA Times article and video, Saturday March 7th. This video narrates photographs of that day and footage of Amelia at our fundraiser recounting the events of Bloody Sunday to school children.

With Kweku Mandela behind her, Paul Web, screenwriter for ''Selma,'' and Louis Zamperini, son of the ''Unbroken'' hero, she spoke movingly of her life

With Kweku Mandela behind her, Paul Web, screenwriter for ”Selma,” and Louis Zamperini, son of the ”Unbroken” hero, she spoke movingly of her life

Many of us are JUST NOW discovering this unsung heroine of the Civil Rights Movement.  A voting rights pioneer already at the age of 10, Amelia and her mother went town to town by horse and buggy to register voters.  Selma was actually Her idea. She was right in the fray with Martin and Coretta King, and is amply depicted in the Oscar nominated film, Selma, although the actual extent of her immense participation is not presented enough. Amelia was a successful business woman and ran for Congress in 1964. Jim Clark knew to target her, dragged her by the neck and put her in jail for a day.  Her followers all went to jail with her in support.

Amelia is a deserving candidate for a presidential medal of honor.  Even now she is currently working to help drug dependent teen parents.  Although I’ve seen her 1905 d.o.b. on her license, sometimes her age is listed as 105, but in any case, Amelia has outlived her savings so she is in need of more than a shiny medal. We honored her here in Los Angeles and raised funds for her needs as a centenarian.  Now we can recognize this charismatic heroine and celebrate her epic journey that started long before the 1960 struggles.

Amelia Boynton: Still an Activist at 109

Amelia in wheelchair beside President Obama.

Amelia in wheelchair beside President Obama.

Is it possible that Amelia Boynton Robinson is still an activist at 109? On this  weekend, the Selma 50th anniversary march we see President Obama marching on the bridge, holding the hand of Amelia Boynton Robinson.  On ”Bloody Sunday,” she was beaten unconscious and her photograph was flashed all over the world, causing massive outrage. We recently celebrated her heroic life here in Los Angeles where she received the Nelson Mandela Leadership Award from Nelson’s grandson Kweku.  The following day, Saturday, February 21st, we held a reception for her.  Amelia did media interviews including an LA Times article and video.  This video shows photographs of that day and footage of Amelia recounting the events of Bloody Sunday while sitting with school children at our fundraiser.

With Kweku Mandela behind her, Paul Web, screenwriter for ''Selma,'' and Louis Zamperini, son of the ''Unbroken'' hero, she spoke movingly of her life

With Kweku Mandela behind her, Paul Web, screenwriter for ”Selma,” and Louis Zamperini, son of the ”Unbroken” hero, she spoke movingly of her life

Amelia, Paul Webb, Kweku, SamperinisMany of us are JUST NOW discovering this unsung heroine of the Civil Rights Movement.  A voting rights pioneer already at the age of 10, Amelia and her mother went town to town by horse and buggy to register voters.  Selma was actually Her idea. She was right in the fray with Martin and Coretta King, and is amply depicted in the Oscar nominated film, Selma. Amelia was a successful business woman and ran for Congress in 1964.

Amelia is a deserving candidate for a presidential medal of honor.  Even now she is currently working to help drug dependent teen parents.  Yet Amelia has outlived her savings so she is in need of more than a shiny medal. We honored her here in Los Angeles and raised funds for her needs as a centenarian.  Now we can recognize this charismatic heroine and celebrate her epic journey that started long before the 1960 struggles.

Anti Aging Lifestyle:  How to Turn On All Brains Of The Body For Inner And Outer Rejuvenation!

Sunday, November 2, 2014, 1:30 PM
The Village Church, 343 Church Lane, Brentwood, CA (map) (JUST WEST OF THE 405 FREEWAY BETWEEN SUNSET AND MONTANA)

*Simple techniques to fit seamlessly into a busy schedule.*

Come join Emotional Health Acupuncturist Kathleen Rosenblatt for an exploration of true Noetic Health, sharing break-through techniques to enhance the physiological interpenetration of mind and molecules. Kathleen co-founded the first acupuncture clinic in the country at UCLA. Equally balanced in the physical and metaphysical, she has unique methods to reduce inflammation and pain, re-firm fascia and skin, and increase cognitive alertness, good sleep and baseline wellbeing.

Enter name of attendee(s)


Dr. Kathleen has created two double CDs:  Practical CELLULAR MEDITATION for STRESS RELEASE and a second set for Vets with PTSD, which help stimulate the body’s 70 trillion cell brains to release natural feel-good opiates, normalize biochemical imbalances, and improve sleep. Learn how to manipulate the body’s electrical laser beams (meridians) that affect our moods, organ function, and even the lines on our face. Experience the PEMF machine (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Stimulator) which regenerates and detoxes individual cells, reduces inflammation, activates metabolism, and helps reverse the aging process.

For four decades, Dr. Kathleen participated in the G.I. Gurdjieff tradition, true originator of the current practice of MINDFULNESS. We will briefly explore the historic background of current New Age Metaphysics. Her book on the Surrealist, Hindu scholar mystic, Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide (SUNY Press and Paris) contributed along with Acupuncture science to her original sensation-based meditation/healing techniques. Dr. Kathleen will touch upon the exciting influences converging in Daumal’s life: Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Marx, Freud, Surrealism, Krishna Murti, Gurdjieff feeding the thirst for a deeper meaning that moves us still today.

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A program of
~ exploring the frontiers of consciousness
to advance individual, social and global transformation
~ serving an emerging movement of globally conscious citizens dedicated to
transforming the world from a basis of fear to one of love, freedom, wisdom and sustainability,
~ and to manifesting our highest capacities to create
a more joy-filled world for all.  Please join us.

Female Poor Circulation

IMG_0343 Female poor circulation is a very common problem.  Our blood system is so unique and is designed to be shared with an embryo.  How we replenish blood every month is part of the miracle of life. When our blood isn’t circulating properly, our feel-good chemicals do not circulate adequately either.  One of the main ”female” remedies in the Homeopathic pharmacopia is SEPIA.  It deals with venous congestion and acts directly on the portal system.  When our blood becomes stuck in certain corners of the body, this stasis creates problems such as weakness, yellowish complexion, and a kind of bearing-down sensation in the pelvic organs.  This results in unexpected urine drips and prolapsed organs.  

Female EssentialThe Homeopathic Medical Classic, the ”Materia Medica” lists each remedy and its effect on every part of the body–mind, head, nose, ears, organs, skin, male, female, etc.  Yes, Sepia affects emotions–irritability, sadness, and also addresses various form of ‘heaviness’ in many areas–heavy, restless limbs, heavy weight on the chest, and bearing down in abdomen.  It says in italics, ”Bearing down sensation in female organs as if everything would escape through the vulva.” (Luckily one doesn’t have to have every symptom for this remedy to work!)

Sepia is just one of the ingredients in the combination formula for women called FEMALE ESSENTIALS.  It covers most female problems–painful irregular periods, menopausal hot flashes, and more.   Sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle.  An inexpensive one-stop formula to have on hand.  Check it out!

Do You Know Homeopathy?

Do you know Homeopathy?  Homeopathic medicine is a medical practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. When it works, it is amazing. Homeopathy was founded in the late 1700s in Germany and is still widely practiced throughout Europe, South America and India. Like Acupuncture, it works directly on the energy field.  Because it is less than a molecule, it is pure laser energy, unburdened by material substance.  It goes right to our own nuclear, cellular mitochondria. It interacts with the body’s normal responses known as symptoms, the body’s expressions as it attempts to rebalance its underlying imbalances.

Homeopathy is based on the idea that “like cures like.”  If a substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, then a small amount of the same substance is likely to cure his illness. A homeopathic dose seeks to enhance the body’s normal healing and self-regulatory processes.  Often the substance would have the opposite effect in its normal gross form, i.e.  Ipecac syrup induces vomiting (sometimes be a good thing).  The name, Ipecacahuana is the Oaxacan word for “The plant that grows on the side of the road that makes you throw up.”   However, in its homeopathic sub-molecular form, it stops vomiting.

Homeopathic pills or liquid mixtures contain microscopic amounts of active ingredients (usually a plant or mineral) for treatment of disease. These highly diluted substances became the basis for our commonly accepted immunization therapy, where amortar and pessle minute amount of a specific substance that triggers allergic reactions would now stimulate your immune system to eliminate the problem.
Longevity Pure Medicine produces combination remedies for various chronic and acute conditions. They are non-toxic, have no side effects, do not interfere with other drugs, create no allergic reactions and are non-addictive. Everyone should have their COLD & FLU remedy on hand so they can nip a cold in the bud.  A good insurance policy! Check out the website.

Circulation problems need not be inevitable

Circulation problems need not be chronic nor inevitable.  Yes, sluggish blood flow is the underlying cause of pain and most internal problems.  Blood and lymph stasis is a recurring reason why we bipeds do not always function very well, or feel very well.  How can it pump upstream against the force of gravity? How can the feet withstand the pressure of our entire body on those few square inches?  And the lymph has no pump at all.  Movement is essential to keep it flowing.

At a certain age, powerful herbal tonics are imperative to help the arterial walls from getting blocked.   There are excellent remedies that can stimulate the flow of these energizing fluids–both blood and lymph.  Herbal and Homeopathic remedies work wonders to support this system.   Ischemia is an insufficient supply of blood to any organ, usually due to internal congealed phlegm build-up, and cooling sluggish  microcirculation.  Instead of resorting to drugs with side effects, consider an herbal tonic alone or in addition, that goes deeper to undo blockages.  To review the action of the heart, check out this link:

blood-cells.jpgI depend on formulas from many companies but my current favorite is Evergreen Herbs.  Their webinar on the fifty most popular conventional drugs listed each corollary Chinese formula that achieved a deeper, superior effect with no side effects.  Their formula called ”Circulation” invigorates the heart muscle and deals with blood clots, embolisms, peripheral neuropathy, and general cerebral and and coronary circulation.  It is only available through a practitioner but it provides great support to the Acupuncture treatments.  Having a daily support that cools or warms, clears, strengthens, and balances—is invaluable.

Skin is our largest electric eliminatory organ

Skin is our largest electric eliminatory organ that feeds and reflects our inner health. We use it to detoxify through excretions, sweat, and through the sloughing off of our old dead skin. Let’s look at useful ways we can rejuvenate it, and even better, how we can use it to rejuvenate the rest of us.

IMG_1240This dermal covering is alive with intelligence and processes. It is the threshold between the inner and outer, and it affects us in both directions. We now know that the body, just like planet Earth, is comprised of electrical wiring and magnetic fields of energy.  And some of its most active energy pathways flow along the three thin layers of the skin. Since they are only ‘skin deep,’ we can easily manipulate them in order to balance and fix many functions in the body.

The bio-electric conduits called meridians run all through the body, connecting the major organs with each other and rising to the surface of the body in the dermal layer. Fourteen meridians, named after each major organ, run along the surface, making the skin act as a computer keyboard for the body. An acupuncturist can stimulate  points along these energy pathways and thus rearrange the excesses and deficiencies in the internal organs or in the muscles and sinews. Consequently, improved health inside will reflect in the quality of the skin outside…

IMG_0331So skin is particularly electric.  Touch and massage can affect it, as well as the underlying interior tissue. 

How did we get along without this knowledge and this ability to stimulate and sedate?  It makes health so easy–once you get it.  Of course we’re electric.  Why only allow for EEGs and EKGs?  Yes, the brain and heart are the most electrical parts but the skin can really light us up!




Blood, Lymph and Electrical Circuitry: Keeping Channels Open for Mind & Body

Blood, lymph and electrical circuitry work together to make our body-brain run.  The brain and body are not two separate things to integrate; actually the brain extends throughout the body via the nerves, neurotransmitters, and the natural opiates delivered to every cell.  So those three critical physiological flows promote the innate intelligence and emotional stability, not just of the brain, but of every one of the body’s 70 trillion cells. 

The red blood cell is an energy transformer having the organic (hemoglobin) and inorganic (iron) components that create ‘Orgone’ energy, as described by Wilhelm Reich. Lymph is the living ‘go-between’ fluid that feeds this life-giving properties to the cell.

Our bodies have an interior field of radiation involving many different wavelengths of light.  Researchers have identified our cells as bio-photons, originating from solar photons.  It has been shown that injured cells emit an even stronger light ray, as if it were a distress signal.  It might even be the increased oxydative stress that sets off the stronger light emission.

There are greatAlex Gray I techniques to break through the armoring that builds up throughout the body and blocks the proper transmission.  The body is the sorry battlefield of the chattering, conflict-centered mind which blocks our birthright of bliss consciousness.  A mindful breath is the first step to melt the barriers and feel the flow from mind, heart, right down to the toes.

When we take moments out of the day to FEEL our breath deeply, and FEEL this inner field of light, we are immediately rewarded with feel-good endorphins that flood the system.  The more we do this, the more we get a cumulative effect which also strengthens our immune system as another bonus.  Can’t lose…!


The Effects of Positive Thinking on Mental Health

white lightThe effects of positive thinking on mental health  is a popular subject as presented in the film ”The Secret.”  We have all become familiar with the idea that a positive internal state has a direct impact on how we view and respond to the world.  Now we are learning more about how it affects our resulting neurophysiology.  Researchers in physio-cognitive medicine report that when we think an emotional thought, a certain brain wave pattern sends information into the body in the form of nervous system reactions.  This affects our hormone excretions and other chemical reactions in the body. If we had a negative experience in the past and we think about it again and again, this will affect  the body and mind in the same way as if we were actually having the experience over and over again.  Each time the thought occurs, it incites the same negative biochemical and hormonal cascade in the body. This rethinking about a negative event is like a negative meditation and the body establishes a pattern based on this – a negative physiological pattern that gives rise to physical illness and suffering.

Luckily, the same is true conversely for positive thinking techniques: If we evaluate our life experiences positively and remember happy occasions, then these pleasant images trigger the same neuro-physiological responses as if we were actually having the good experience in present time.  Frankly, this gives me the impression that the body is quite indiscriminating.  I have a good imagination but I feel there is a difference between my memory of chocolate cake and eating it NOW.  Just as my opinion of ”God” has changed–if He does not understand that prayers of supplication—asking for what I DON’T HAVE, should not necessarily result in my now creating an energy of Lack that will now be imprinted further.  But the upside of looking at the upside outweighs all down sides..!  I invite your input on this subject!

I designed my Stress Relief CDs to emphasize how to do just that–get all the feel-good chemicals to flow. And they are available here on this blog site. For if the neuro science findings are true, then we can play with this new paradigm and see if it works–to relive the good times in our minds so that we can experience the positive effects of past joys on our bodies. And interpret present situations in the most “Glass half FULL” attitude possible so as to not set off a cascade of unhealthy chemicals in the body.  Instead we want the endorphins and the dopamine to flow….!

Sarcopenia–The Mystery of Muscle Loss

Sarcopenia–The mystery of muscle loss is no mystery. Just look at our sedentary life styles.  Even thin people are often found to be flabby! Why is it that our population seems to either gain excess weight or lose excess weight as they go through their middle years? Don’t the opposing influences ever cancel out and leave us happily in the middle??

It turns out that we have to exercise even if we do not tend to put weight on.  Studies indicate that adults who do not strength train LOSE on average at least a half pound of lean muscle tissue each year starting at about age 25. This process of muscle tissue loss is called ”sarcopenia.” The more lean muscle you retain, the more fat and calories you burn all day and night.  Therefore, less muscle means a slower metabolism; more muscle means a faster metabolism.  This muscle loss and its effect on metabolism is one reason why most people do gain weight as they get older.  Our assimilation of caloric energy–virtually our digestion–really occurs in our muscles. Strength training not only halts this lean muscle loss but can reverse the process and make your body biologically younger.  Now they tell us that exercise also helps our brain cognition and prevents depression.  So enjoy those endorphins as you let your body play!

Professionals claim that all you need are two 20 minute slow-motion strength training sessions a week.  But for those  who can’t afford the time and funds for gyms or personal trainers, here is a link for simple exercises that can be performed at home for no cost:

ann olson strength exercises

Strength Training Exercises

All these exercises work one or more of your muscle groups, which improves your functional strength while also increasing your metabolism. By improving your functional strength, you’ll have a greater ability to do simple tasks, such as lifting heavy boxes or moving furniture. Try doing four or more of these exercises three times a week to start.

1. Overhead Squat

  • Item Needed: A weighted gym bag
  • Muscles Worked: The overhead squat is one of the best full body exercises you can do. It mainly targets the quads, but also targets the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, triceps, and the abdominal muscles.

How to Do It
Stand up and hold the gym bag above your head, gripping the bag at the ends. You will hold this position during the entire exercise. Keep your arms straight. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width.

Next, thrust your hips back and begin bending your knees for the squat. Keep your back straight at all times – resist the urge to slouch. Continue descending downward, envisioning that you’re trying to sit back into a small chair.

Once your hips are parallel to your knee joints, hold the position for one second. Now, rise back up into the starting position. This is one repetition. To build strength, aim for a minimum of 5 repetitions, doing no more than 12. Once you can easily do 12 repetitions, it’s time to add weight to the bag.

If you’re unable to bring your hips parallel to your knee joints, start with wall squats to build up strength. Otherwise, not going fully parallel can place stress on your joints and injure your knees. I didn’t go parallel when I first started weightlifting and seriously injured my knee. In fact, I had to lay off lifting for two months to allow it to heal.

2. Deadlift

  • Item Needed: A weighted gym bag
  • Muscles Worked: The deadlift is arguably one of the best lower body exercises, working most of the back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

How to Do It
Place the gym bag in front of your feet. Stand behind with both feet close to each other. Bend your knees while pushing your hips back to grab the ends of the gym bag. Make sure your back is straight.

Now bring yourself into a standing position by simultaneously straightening your back and legs. Remember to keep your back straight – do not let it slouch, as this can cause injury. Once assuming the straight stance, stick your chest out and contract your shoulder blades. This is one repetition. Do at least five repetitions to build strength and muscle. Once you can do these repetitions easily, add weight to the bag.

These are just two of their listed strength training exercises.  I personally find that gardening and landscaping gives me a good workout and lots of satisfaction.  But actual exercises are irreplaceable and make me stronger for that garden work.  Try it!

Father Christmas in Bath

We Americans may have invented Santa Claus but Father Christmas was in Bath, England for many more Christmases, including mine.  I caught him in 1992, alighting from his ”Bath chair” on Queen Street, on his way to the Roman sulfur baths, so I painted his picture for a Christmas Card contest that year.

When the 18th century aristocrats were thronging to these baths, Queen Elizabeth brought her beaux, Dudley and Raleigh.  They all assumed that these baths, the only hot sulfur baths in the country, were medieval in origin.  So they razed most of the old medieval structures and created a heavenly Georgian city of yellow “Bath stone,” a fashionable spa center for all of England, fit for all the elite Pump Room diningwho converged there to take the waters.

They were carried to and from the pool by servants in “Bath chairs”  wrapped in towels, right up the stairs to their apartments.  Jane Austen set several of her intrigues here.   In the baths, they would have floating platters holding bits of rat hair skin to cover their small pox scars, or replace their eyebrows with the more fashionable arching rat hair.  Still today, one can dine at the 18th century Pump Room.  Pmp room fountainIts elegant fountain of flowing, drinkable sulfur water spurts into ceramic fish mouths, while chamber music plays.

In 1880, while digging sewers, they found a marble head of Minerva, and then uncovered a HUGE Roman bathing complex  with underground heating.  Originally a sacred Celtic Druidic spring, it was taken over by Emperor Claudius in 75 A.D. and added to extensively over the centuries.  The Pump Room looks out over the large Roman pool below, as seen in this photo, with many more pools adjacent.  It is quite a sight.  And the original Roman pump still spews out 240,000 gallons of water a day. 

After Steven’s first two years of study in the Caribbean, we lived in Bath, just east of Bristol on the same latitude as London, from 1991-93, where he did his clinical work at the Bath Royal Hospital, the London Hospital of Tropical Diseases, the London Homeopathic Hospital, and Canterbury Hospital.  Vaults Gallery show 1992I did this painting to enter a contest held by the Royal Theatre (referred to as the most beautiful theater in England.)  I’d had two one-woman exhibits of my paintings, one at their Vaults Gallery in the ancient vaults below the theater, here with Camille 13, and Adam 7. I didn’t win the Christmas card contest’s 50 pounds prize, but I did better by selling the painting and the rights to make Christmas cards to the little Canary Cafe pictured in the scene.   Father Christmas is slimmer than Santa and wears a long coat of red or green. But he does just as good a job.  Father or Santa-Saint, we had a great Christmas and here’s to a Transformative New Year!

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Honoring Our Fallen Kids

As we celebrate the holidays, can we also remember our Fallen Heroes? There are 743 Californians who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, leaving behind devastated families. California is home to the largest number of military who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Air Force Veteran Elizabeth England and I launched an outreach campaign  with HONORING OUR to provide grieving families with gift packages that will include my Vets Stress Relief CDs and ones for ‘civilians’ too.

To Donate to this Campaign or to purchase CDs:
To Donate items, please call 310-470-4557.

VETCOVER blueMy Practical Stress Relief Cellular Meditation CDs can benefit Veterans’ families and friends who suffer loss and who also feel the indirect trauma of war. The guided relaxation meditations detail how to stimulate the release of endorphins and dopamine—our body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals—and spread them into receptor sites in EVERY CELL OF THE BODY. The easy self-help exercises and practical tools provide a self-healing empowerment for PTSD, depression, loss, and grief. STRESS RELIEF recordings are available for free listening on my website


Graham, meRenowned singer/songwriter Graham Nash has contributed generously to my project of acupuncture and my VETERANS STRESS RELIEF CDs.  I lectured twice at the Combat Stress Conference about the science behind my work, so many Vets groups request them. I learned at these conferences that more than a thousand young soldiers have suffered fatal heart attacks from too many meds for pain and mental suffering. We must find more natural methods to help them. Veterans Post Traumatic Stress Relief CDs which also addresses the military experience and how to redirect the skills and talents of military duty toward civilian life. For all Veterans, it complements their on-going therapies and helps them recover from PTSD and restore well-being and good sleep. CD sales fund free PTSD treatments and CDs for needy Veterans.
CherokeeLife is so fragile–this campaign was interrupted by a seriously drunk young woman who jetted her 2014 Mercedes through a red light, totaling three cars including mine and this Cherokee, and seriously injuring that driver.  Now another friend experienced the same thing which also involved watching someone die. What are people lacking that they need to sedate themselves That Much? My CDs are about feeling better inside our skin in a natural way.  Life is precious and now we need to console those who are suffering senseless losses abroad, even as we celebrate being alive. Let us feel the expansion of the Winter Solstice and send out love to those in pain…
If you can help us in gifting please join us through Paypal at this blog.



My Media Gig about Cupping for Neck Tension & Hollywood Stars

I must share my media gig about Cupping away neck tension and its usage by Hollywood stars…  “Cupping,” is the term for an ancient technique used in Chinese medicine to eliminate the stagnant blood circulation that typically occurs around the neck and shoulders. Seems the sighting of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston with cupping marks on their backs has put this ancient practice in the news…  A small glass jar with a vacuum inside creates a suction that pulls this stuck blood to the surface capillaries. From there this old blood can easily return to the heart to be re-oxygenated so that a more active flow of blood circulation can be restored. (Here Jennifer’s marks have faded from red to white.) Other partakers are Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson.

I was recently interviewed by Agence France Press to do a demonstration of this procedure for their global media outreach. You can view it at this link:                                    I did two versions with different patients, one in French for some markets, and one in English that has already shown in countries all over the world. A French friend caught it on TV in Brazil.  When legendary actress Lee Grant was about to win an Oscar for “Shampoo,”  she declined this treatment right before the gala so as NOT to have marks.  We did it the day AFTER… It took 40 years for it to become fashionable!

What did not get included in the segment was my contrasting cupping with another similar technique called Gua Sah, a friction rub that achieves the same results with some added benefits. (The marks resulting from this style are visible on my patient in the clip.) In my estimation, it is more comfortable, more controllable, less labor intensive, and more thorough.  In my opinion, the second example of cupping performed by another acupuncturist shown in the video is an example of extreme over-the-top treatment that is potentially uncomfortable and excessive. Temporary raised red welts resulted from the strong degree of suction. This is not necessary to achieve results.

But both techniques perform a simple yet critical action of stimulating of blood, lymph and chi circulation around the neck and shoulders, and sometimes elsewhere on the body. These trapezoid muscles work overtime to hold up the 12 pound “bowling ball” that we carry around all day. And when it is hanging over a computer or a steering wheel, the head is more the equivalent of 20 lbs. Now with the trend among young people to slump forward, they will have even worse problems as they age.

This pandemic of poor posture across many groups and generations has become a pet peeve for me. I am on a crusade to help individuals learn to let their head ‘float’ evenly between the front and back by Leading with the Heart.  Pulling in the chin and pushing out the chest. Immediately one feels a relaxation of the neck muscles and a tingling in the nerves as they start to breathe. Meanwhile, one feels a new pressure in the chest and sternum muscles as they begin to work.  It is a good sign that they are engaging.  This constitutes a light work-out for these forgotten muscles, an isometric action that makes one appear taller, leaner, and more confident. I implore patients to let Vanity work for them! Work it—and your neck and shoulders will feel sooo grateful!

Furthermore, this area of the body is in the crossfire between brain and emotional center so there are tremendous psychological repercussions to creat tension there.  Even these actresses with great posture carry literally the weight of the world–and its attention—on their shoulders. Even for them– some form of emotional tension while working their sometimes stressful craft and maintaining careers. Here are two eye-opening links about them and cupping:


What is old is New…!

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Acupuncture for Veterans with PTSD

Acupuncture for Veterans with PTSD: How can we make acupuncture and meditation more available to them? If our military Veterans are returning with severe trauma and pain, it is ALL our problem.  These are OUR citizens.  300,000 Vets are homeless.  Suicides are averaging 26 per day. 171,000 of our current Vets have PTSD.  Instead of more drugs, there are other more effective ways to restore their wellbeing and functionality.  Let us use our efforts and our funds to heal early on, rather than hospitalize, subsidize, or incarcerate later.  We need their discipline and courage as part of our national prosperity. We need them BACK! Whole!

As a pioneer acupuncturist in this country, I have aided many Veterans suffering from PTSD through my multi-pronged Veterans PTSD Project: a therapy program for releasing deep-seated anxiety and depression. It includes:

  • Acupuncture treatment for physical and emotional pain.
  • Deep-state endorphin release achieved through herbs, specialized massage, breathing techniques, verbal programming, and other modalities.
  • The powerful Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Stimulator that can regenerate cell tissue anywhere in the brain or body, FDA approved for depression.
  • My  Cellular Meditation VETERANS STRESS RELIEF audio CDs.

Acupuncture or massage point combinations can open up blocked neural centers, waking up the right bio-electrical frequencies.  This can help “teach” traumatized cells how to unlearn states of fear and demoralization.  It helps remove physical imbalances such as inflammation, toxicity, pain, brain chemistry imbalance, physical injuries and overall systems blockage.  This treatment affects these issues by helping to break up intracellular energy trauma and revitalize subcellular metabolism.  This impacts the mental and emotional systems as well.

Acupuncture and the Stress Release CDs both address the entire body’s natural, feel-good neuro-hormones to regenerate the proper brain-body connections for restore wellbeing and good sleep.  I have lectured twice at the Combat Stress Conference, explaining the science behind the CDs and treatment therapies.  Many Veterans groups are requesting help.  Singer/songwriter Graham Nash has generously contributed, but much more is needed to fill this critical need.  Drug therapy alone is not adequate for many of our returning soldiers.  Two STRESS RELIEF recorded segments are available for listening for free on this blog site

We are working toward the opening of a clinical program for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder located near the West L.A. V.A.  This will help Vets transition to civilian life, eliminating both painful memories and painful conditions.

Cellular Meditation is the full-body form of meditation—made easy. It is about getting endorphins, our own feel-good chemicals into ALL THE CELLS OF THE BODY—by freeing them up, and sensing them from inside.  It is the ‘Feel Good’ form of meditation, easier to do than other meditation pratices, while also achieving deeper results.

Many Veterans and civilians have benefited from treatment and these CDs. Our non-profit Earth Harmony Foundation receives tax deductible donations from those who want to help our returning soldiers by funding their distribution to many veterans organizations who have requested these CDs.

Studies have shown that relaxing meditation techniques increase the feel-good neuro-transmitters that counter mood disorders, such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA; and beneficial hormones such as DHEA, HGH (human growth hormone), and melatonin for anti-aging and good sleep. Meditation also reduces harmful cortisol produced by stress.

Also available is a double CD set for the general public–one that can benefit Veterans’ families, and friends who also feel the indirect trauma of war.



Book Review Part II: Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide

Here is the second half of a review of the English version of my book, Rene Daumal: The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide, SUNY Press, 1999. The review is by Lee Irwin Associate Professor, Religious Studies, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC (IrwinL@CofC.Edu). The original French version was entitled: Rene Daumal: Au-dela de l’Horizon, published in Paris by Jose Corti, 1993.


Rosenblatt presents the middle stage of Daumal’s life as influenced by eastern thought, particularly Hindu religious and aesthetic texts, and his study of Sanskrit. His reading of the Bhagavad Gita made a lasting impact on him and reinforced his natural bent toward asceticism, renunciation, non-attachment and the mystical quest for transcendence. Increasingly, Daumal viewed the material world as “poison ” (p. 91) and symbolizing a higher world that had been falsely reduced and controlled by religious institutions and various professional classes of church authorities. He interpreted the classic Hindu codex (The Laws of Manu) as a repression of the lower classes (varna) by self-glorifying Brahmans.

In general, Daumal was adamant in his rejection of organized religion and particularly the Judeo-Christian bourgeois institutional structures. Increasingly, Daumal gravitated toward a more “gnostic” orientation based on a direct personal search for spiritual knowledge. Influenced by themes of correspondence, Baudelaire’s “forest of symbols,” and such ideas as Swedenborg’s’s “universal analogy,” Daumal sought a coherent theory of relationship between the material and spiritual worlds. Reading Schopenhauer, the Theosophists, and finally Rene Guenon’s history of the decline of Western thought, Daumal sought to align himself with European esoteric traditionalists that looked to Islam and Hinduism as the only authentic representations of spirituality in the face of western materialism.

Rejecting the Freudian unconscious, Guenon emphasized the “supraconscious” sought by Yogi and Sufi masters–a teaching consistent with Daumal’s concept of the Beyond (l’au-dela). However, while Daumal agreed with much of Guenon’s writing, he apparently found him too exterme in his views. Rosenblatt’ s review of Guenon’s philosophical writing is particularly good and well worth reading as is her review of Hindu aesthetic theory; these were high points in the book for me.

In the final phase of Daumal’s life, he came under the influence of two followers of Gurdjieff, Alexandre and Jeanne de Salzmann. While the latter became his personal teacher, he also studied with Gurdjieff during his visits to Paris. The stage was set for Daumal to meet a teacher who could fulfill the role of spiritual director and the de Salzmanns and Gurdjieff filled that role to his complete satisfaction. A heightened “self-remembering” had long been part of Daumal’s practice and this was key to Gurdjieff’s “Work”–a breaking down of the automatisms of conditioned learning and unreflective habitual response.

Another of Gurdjieff’s teachings was the importance of suffering and sacrifice, both of which appealed to Daumal’s ascetic nature as a means for breaking down the “imaginary” nature of internalized beliefs, ideas, and socialized attitudes. The “awakening from sleep” prompted by the de Salzmanns through a variety of practical techniques such as breathing exercises and group practices with movements, song, and music, had a powerful, transformative effect on Daumal.

Further, Gurdjieff’s theory of “objective art” was compatible with Daumal’s belief in the importance of art as a way of confronting social malaise and as offering alternative pathways toward more authentic spiritual values. His prose works clearly reflect these ideas, synthesized with influences from his early poetic works, Hindu religious traditions, and Guenon’s attitudes toward the sentimental decline of European culture.

By 1938, Daumal learned he had advanced tuberculosis in both lungs. While he continued to write, he and his Jewish wife Vera were forced to constantly move about during the war years, often living in conditions of poverty. By the time of his death, Daumal had thoroughly internalized the struggle for spiritual authenticity and his later prose works, also discussed by Rosenblatt, show his deep commitment to an ongoing process of self-development, often in the face of social chaos. Today, Daumal stands out in the French cultural landscape as a true forerunner of an emergent global esotericism and this work is central for understanding how his struggle reflects this continuing search among many contemporary authors, artists, and scholars.


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Review of my book: Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide

Here is a review of my book on the French Surrealist author: Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide, published by SUNY Press in 1999 and in Paris in 1993, Rene Daumal: Au dela de l’Horizon.  I will present it in two successive blogs. Here is the first half. Please share your feedback in the “Comment” box below… That helps the viability of my blog!

Daumal: The Life and Work of a Mystic Guideby Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt (NY: State Universityof New York Press, 1999).Reviewed by Lee IrwinAssociate Professor, Religious Studies, College ofCharleston, Charleston, SC (IrwinL@CofC.Edu)This overview by Kathleen Rosenblatt is an excellent introduction to the writing and life of the French avant-guarde poet and esotericist Ren Daumal (1908-1944). While Daumal has received considerable recognition in France, in America this book, a revision of the original French publication, is a primary introduction to his work. Ms. Rosenblatt offers the reader a very well integrated presentation ofDaumal’s life, organized according to the stages of his spiritual development. Drawing heavily on his letters and correspondences, personal interviews with his associates, and his published works (particularly the poetic collection Le Contre Ciel, and his two prose works, La Grande Beuverie (A Night of Serious Drinking)and Mount Analogue), she draws an intimate portrait of his inner development.Daumal’s life passed through a number of stages: from his literary debates with early French surrealists, to his study of Sanskrit and Hindu sacred and aesthetic texts, to the impact of Rene Gunon and later, Alexandre de Salzmann and his wife Jeanne who were followers of the Armenian-Turkish master, George Gurdjieff. Daumal’s tragic death at 36 from tuberculosis during the deprivations of the second world war brought to a sudden end his lifelong quest for the Beyond. In the May 1968 student uprisings at the Sorbonne, the author notes the rediscovery of Daumal, whose iconoclastic quotes were written on the walls and seemed highly appropriate for the tenor of the sixties.The author strongly emphasizes Daumal’s rebellious asceticism, his youthful rejection of convention, and his search for the “experience of the sacredness of the inner self” (p. 32). At the age of seventeen, Daumal experimented briefly with alcohol, drugs (opium), and inhaling carbon tetrachloride whose effects gave him a brief glimpse of “higher levels of consciousness” but at the price of ruining his lungs. As a young experimentalist, he also studied his dreams, successfully learned to initiate out-of-body experiences, and cultivated various psychic abilities. He became increasingly dissatisfied with the
(photo taken three days before his death)
normative state of “common, foggy perceptions” (p. 35) and was convinced that it was possible to live, ascetically, in a more conscious state of being, one that sought to break the bonds of conventional thinking and perceptions. Having rejected drugs and alcohol, Daumal formed a 1927 literary journal, Le Grande Jeu (“The Great Game”), with several young companions whose articles engaged the writers with surrealist authors such as Jarry and Breton, earlier symbolic and hermetic poets and writers (like Baudelaire and Rimbaud with whom Daumal closely identified), and a general malcontent with the conventionality of the times.Daumal experimented with automatic writing, both satirical and absurdist, rejected dualistic thinking, and came increasingly under the influence of symbolic, imaginary thought, termed “pataphysics” (borrowed from Alfred Jarry), best represented in dreams.During this period, Daumal’s psychic sensitivities became increasingly more active, and he recorded techniques for successfully inducing astral or out-of-body experiences. He also became an acutely sensitive telekinetic, able to “read” objects with his fingertips (using what he called “paraoptic” perception). In attempting to close the gap between a psychicmetaphysics and realpolitiks, Daumal became an avowed Marxist but later questioned the efficacy of Marxism in the face of its caricature in French intellectual circles. In 1932 the journal ceased and Daumal turned to other projects…


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