Acupuncture for Veterans with PTSD

Acupuncture for Veterans with PTSD: How can we make acupuncture and meditation more available to them? If our military Veterans are returning with severe trauma and pain, it is ALL our problem.  These are OUR citizens.  300,000 Vets are homeless.  Suicides are averaging 26 per day. 171,000 of our current Vets have PTSD.  Instead of more drugs, there are other more effective ways to restore their wellbeing and functionality.  Let us use our efforts and our funds to heal early on, rather than hospitalize, subsidize, or incarcerate later.  We need their discipline and courage as part of our national prosperity. We need them BACK! Whole!

As a pioneer acupuncturist in this country, I have aided many Veterans suffering from PTSD through my multi-pronged Veterans PTSD Project: a therapy program for releasing deep-seated anxiety and depression. It includes:

  • Acupuncture treatment for physical and emotional pain.
  • Deep-state endorphin release achieved through herbs, specialized massage, breathing techniques, verbal programming, and other modalities.
  • The powerful Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Stimulator that can regenerate cell tissue anywhere in the brain or body, FDA approved for depression.
  • My  Cellular Meditation VETERANS STRESS RELIEF audio CDs.

Acupuncture or massage point combinations can open up blocked neural centers, waking up the right bio-electrical frequencies.  This can help “teach” traumatized cells how to unlearn states of fear and demoralization.  It helps remove physical imbalances such as inflammation, toxicity, pain, brain chemistry imbalance, physical injuries and overall systems blockage.  This treatment affects these issues by helping to break up intracellular energy trauma and revitalize subcellular metabolism.  This impacts the mental and emotional systems as well.

Acupuncture and the Stress Release CDs both address the entire body’s natural, feel-good neuro-hormones to regenerate the proper brain-body connections for restore wellbeing and good sleep.  I have lectured twice at the Combat Stress Conference, explaining the science behind the CDs and treatment therapies.  Many Veterans groups are requesting help.  Singer/songwriter Graham Nash has generously contributed, but much more is needed to fill this critical need.  Drug therapy alone is not adequate for many of our returning soldiers.  Two STRESS RELIEF recorded segments are available for listening for free on this blog site

We are working toward the opening of a clinical program for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder located near the West L.A. V.A.  This will help Vets transition to civilian life, eliminating both painful memories and painful conditions.

Cellular Meditation is the full-body form of meditation—made easy. It is about getting endorphins, our own feel-good chemicals into ALL THE CELLS OF THE BODY—by freeing them up, and sensing them from inside.  It is the ‘Feel Good’ form of meditation, easier to do than other meditation pratices, while also achieving deeper results.

Many Veterans and civilians have benefited from treatment and these CDs. Our non-profit Earth Harmony Foundation receives tax deductible donations from those who want to help our returning soldiers by funding their distribution to many veterans organizations who have requested these CDs.

Studies have shown that relaxing meditation techniques increase the feel-good neuro-transmitters that counter mood disorders, such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA; and beneficial hormones such as DHEA, HGH (human growth hormone), and melatonin for anti-aging and good sleep. Meditation also reduces harmful cortisol produced by stress.

Also available is a double CD set for the general public–one that can benefit Veterans’ families, and friends who also feel the indirect trauma of war.



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  1. Giles Manias says:

    I have read your blog about stress relief for Veterans and believe it would be a useful tool for the Veterans Court here in Buffalo. Buffalo City court has developed the “Specialty Court Program” that identifies specific patterns that lead to conflicts with law of defendants who are arrested;i.e. Mental health, drugs, veteran issues stemming from both.

    PTSD is far and away the most common issue leading to self-medication with drugs or alcohol and anti-social behavior. Your program is a method to focus on getting oneself healthy and defusing anger and frustration, would seem to be a perfect fit.

    I would like to refer your blog to Judge Robert Russell and his staff who have developed the courts program for Veterans brought to court.


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