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The Value of Headaches: Finding Underlying Causes

My 3+mins. video: ”The Value of Headaches” brings home the importance of finding the underlying cause of a headache.

If YOU have mystery headaches, you can find the correct diagnosis with acupuncture pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and other sources of information.  Usually the pain will abate quickly but the underlying cause still needs attention for long term health shifts.  Sometimes unknown causes get revealed.

Contact me at or call me at 310-470-4557.

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Tonight 12 pm: Fukushima on George Noory Coast to Coast.

Listen to Dennis Watts at midnighttonight on Coast to Coast with George Noory . And please sign this petition to get some action on Fukushima–a MUCH worse disaster than Chernobyl…

The red & yellow is the boiling radioactive water being dumped daily–400 tons daily–contaminating more than just the Pacific. Listen to Dennis Watts discuss the gravity of Fukushima tonight at midnight on Coast to Coast with George Noory. And sign our petition to allow available technologies be applied and end the media black-out.


 Although four years have passed since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, and the media has stopped paying attention, the situation is far from over. It is worsening. Hundreds of tons of hot radioactive water into the sea daily. The reactor’s core is melting its way uncontrollably through the earth–a full-on China Syndrome. This is an Extinction Level Event that need immediate attention and solutions.

The Good News is that there is an available solution!

Did you know the Fukushima nuclear disaster is five times worse than Chernobyl?

Did you know there are massive marine life casualties along the entire US Pacific Coast and around the world? Radiation does not only affect Japan, but the entire Pacific region due to the radiation trajectory and sea life migration tumors 2

Did you know three reactors are in critical China Syndrome condition, meaning that melted fuel rods have gone through the floor, causing the core to be uncontrollable.  And the fourth one is hanging by a thread?

Did you know that the 400 nuclear reactors in the world each produce approximately $1 million daily?  Might this explain the lack of media coverage?  Although mainstream media is diverted by the 2016 election, we still must pay attention as our very existence depends upon it. Official Washington DC sources are playing it down.

Did you know there is no containment in sight and the situation is worsening since last September’s huge typhoon?

 Did you know that in Japan there’s a mandatory code of silence regarding anything related to Fukushima?

 Did you know that there is an available solution? On the desks of our US government right now is a proposal by NASA scientist Dennis Watts. He has access to technologies that can remediate radioactive waste and restore the Fukushima area back to an environmentally sound space. Sophisticated thermography sensor technology would be used to locate and measure the remediation process, and locate the fragmented coriums. Uranium-eating bacteria can remediate toxic waste in inaccessible areas, such as inside and underneath the reactor facilities and deep inside the earth. Furthermore, once the thermographs and precise locations are identified, classified technology can be deployed to delete the root cause of the heat signature.

A 5-phase plan, completed over a period of 5 to 6 years, requires the cooperation of military, corporate, scientific and governmental organizations in  addition to those in Japan.  After four years of unchecked contamination, this project is well beyond the resources of just one country.

We are asking you to sign this petition to ask the Japanese government to allow US scientific intervention in Fukushima, access to the Daiichi nuclear plant, and allow US scientists to help fix the problem at Fukushima.

We demand a response from the U.N., the US and Japanese governments, and a response from all concerned citizens on this planet. We also demand a response from General Electric, the maker of several of the reactors, whom experts had long criticized for their obsession with savings over safety and their wobbly weaknesses in design, according to the New York Times.

We might have difficulty in pronouncing Fukushima, but everyone in the world now knows how to say Chernobyl. When it comes to quality of life and survival on this planet, that is a language everyone should know how to speak. Act now! Click on this petition.

Ancestral Memory and Solstice Energy Part I

Ancestral Memory and Solstice Energy is upon us.  This is  part of an article I wrote for the Malibu Chronicle.  Malibu Chronicle Malibu Chronicle.
As the winter solstice approaches, we shift our energies toward connecting and celebrating with others. In ages past, before we got entrenched in the huge commercial undertaking of The Shopping Season, our species used to be sensitive to the unique solstice energies that surround the planet when it is spiraling farthest from the sun.

Yule logBut if we breathe deeply into our inner space, we can still feel the ancestral memories—cultures lighting candles and fires—for the god Dionysus and Mithras, for Christmas, Chanukah and other festivals. Can we feel in our bones the memory of the Stonehenge Druids lighting candles as the sun’s rays hit the solstice stone? The Romans’ winter Saturnalia Festival consisted of two weeks of revelry allowing the upper and lower classes to mix, all dancing around a giant log that burned for two weeks.  A tradition carried on in Northern Europe resulting in a French log-shaped chocolate cake!

Can you feel this heritage, this ancient connection to our magnetic planet and the photons of astral energies? This interconnectedness with the past is expressed in Hegel’s theory of zeitgeist or time-spirit: the world as a giant organism unfolding as spirit and mind through time. Jung called this planetary emotional funnel the Collective Unconscious. These deeper memories are the carpeting of our subconscious.

And biologically, genetic studies reveal that we still carry the emotional joys and scars of our forefathers in our mitochondrial DNA. Until recently, we thought that our genetic make-up was inalterable. But this other kind of DNA, in contrast to nucleic DNA, is in fact accessible and re-programmable. Now we see that what our ancestors experienced leaves a biological imprint on us. We can affect this legacy by what we do, what we eat, and what we think. We can feel these influences and memories and choose how to react to them and to our current experiences. In Part II I will suggest ways to mitigate the negative heritage of our early centuries or our own early years, and enhance the positive legacy.

Earth’s Jewels and their Frequencies

Eath’s jewels and their frequencies is more and more in the news. Can we believe that stones, mined from deep within the earth’s crust, carry specific frequencies that can affect us personally?  This seems to have been the consensus throughout history among the most advanced civilizations.  From Neolithic grave sites to the Egyptian and Biblical sages and shamans, the stones’ radiation’s were used for visionary and healing purposes.  Some were ground into healing powders in China, Egypt and South America. Silicon is a vital component found both in crystals and in our bodies, and silicon allows a transfer of subtle electromagnetic energy.

SahasraraWearing a pendant is one way to facilitate the healing action of a rock crystal as it lays against the skin and emanates out to the wearer and to the beholder.  This particular crystal pendant is made of sterling silver around a black tourmaline medallion. Tourmaline resonates with the first three lower chakras and especially with the solar plexus and is known to work against depression. It influences digestion and assimilation of nourishment.  And it blocks negative frequencies from harming us by neutralizing them. Traditionally it is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

The pattern in this pendant is called “Sahasrara,” the term for the seventh chakra above the head.  It represents a thousand-petaled lotus flower, the image often seen on the head of a Buddha statue, and the symbol of our  gateway to super-consciousness and highest purpose. In Chinese theory, this point is called ”the Meeting of a Thousand Pathways”, where the energies of the many suns come through the top of our head and then circulate via a thousand neurons through the brain and down through the body.  A great acupuncture point for stimulating the brain and a strong focus of meditation.  So this pendant supports the potential powers of several chakras at once.

This and other sacred geometric stone pendants can be ordered from the website,  Support, heal, and beautify in one stroke!

Join us for the Contact in the Desert

Dr Kathleen at Contact in the Desert

Come join us for the Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree.  The speakers are the best experts from many corners of the globe, including all the faces you see on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, including David Wilcock, George Noory, Jim Marrs and a huge roster of brilliant researchers. Joshua Tree is such an extraordinary place with excellent night viewing of outer space activity.  The rocks there have jutted up from a deeper layer of the earth’s mantle.  You truly have the feeling that you are in Jurassic Park! The night goggles show a gelatinous plasma universe made up of shiny atoms vibrating all over the sky.

I will be speaking about Terrestrials! We and our electromagnetic laser beam bodies and how we can adapt to potential changes and dimensional shifts that could prove difficult for Earthlings.

Steven Rosenblatt will discuss the ancient evidence of visitations as recorded on Sumerian seals and researched by Zachariah Sitchen. He also explains our human make-up with its contributions from other planetary sources.

Stephen Bassett will report on the progress of the Congressional Hearings Initiative and the 30 hours of testimony from generals, pilots and witnesses given to former members of congress a year ago.  This material is now being shared with current members of Congress.  The aim is to pressure the U.S. government to release its UFO files as has done 13 other countries, including England and France.  Bassett: ”The U.S. government by intention or default is trying to extend the intellectual ghettoization of the extraterrestrial issue well into the second decade of the exopolitics era.”

Come catch up on the latest data on this critical subject.  Maybe benign aliens WILL come and save this insane planet..!




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