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PEMF moves Inflammation


neck light  Electromagnetic Field Stim [PEMF] moves inflammation as its first action.  When I lecture and invite volunteers to try it for 3 minutes, virtually every one feels an immediate difference.  PEMF consists of a painless pulsing action applied to any part of the body. It has most commonly been used in healing soft-tissue wounds and suppressing inflammatory responses at the cellular level to alleviate pain and increase range of motion in muscles and joints.

Energy-BodyIt is FDA approved for the treatment of non-union fractures, failed fusions, and particularly good for depression and PTSD.  PEMF therapy up-regulates the body’s functions and optimizes the body’s ability to heal itself. We ARE electromagnetic beings. If those fields get weak, we feel it!

One formula for Menstruation and Menopause Symptoms?

Lilith RossettiIs it possible to find a single powerful formula for women in general for menstruation and menopause symptoms?  Something to cover most of the fluctuations that can occur in the intricate female system?  The Longevity Pure Medicine line has just such an all-round tonic for women: Female Essential. One important ingredient is Sepia, possibly the most famous female remedy in Homeopathic literature.  For over 100 years, homeopaths have extracted Sepia from the ink of cuttlefish to treat depression, menstrual problems, and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.

A tiny Sepia pill would typically contain 1/100th of a molecule of cuttlefish ink. Just like the effects of splitting the atom, this breaking down of the substance unleashes the atom’s energetic potential without the dense material substance. The discovery of this homeopathic extraction process became the basis for the development of  innoculations…the birth of vaccines.

Female EssentialA miraculous substance, Sepia is known to improve overall mood and eliminate irritability, especially useful during times of PMS or menopause. Practitioners may use the tincture for bodily aches, infertility, libido loss, or exhaustion.

Female Essentials helps with monthly PMS and cramps.  It seems to address most female issues by balancing heat and cold fluctuations.  If chemicals release MORE power when they are reduced, then they become more innately deep acting—not just a band aid to cover the underlying problem, like most conventional medicines.  For $10., a tube lasts forever.  Check it out!


Huffington Post on Swiss Homeopathy

The Huffington Post on Homeopathy in Switzerland:  A treatment written by my friend Dana Ullman in 2012.  Homeopathic medicine is a medical practice that reduces natural substances to a submolecular state so as to release the energetic signature of the element.  Since our physical system operates on electromagnetic frequencies, as measured in the heart and head by EEGs and EKGs for instance), this energy medicine can induce healing changes on a very deep level.

According to Ullman, the Swiss government “Health Technology Assessment” has determined that homeopathic medicine is effective and more cost-effective than conventional medicine.  The report was the most comprehensive review to date of any governmental body on the scientific evidence on homeopathic medicine. It was a thorough analysis of a wide variety of clinical studies and laboratory research. The report also reviewed the body of evidence on Homeopathy’s cost effectiveness.   Savings were a 15.4% reduction compared to conventional treatments. Surveys estimate that 57 percent of the Swiss population uses complementary medicine, and about 40 percent of all medical practitioners in Switzerland prescribed alternative treatments.

cold201Longevity Pure Medicine has created “user-friendly” combination remedies for every-day ailments that are accessible, affordable, and a safe alternative to OTC and prescription medicines.  These combos for arthritis, female issues and cold & flu are easy to use with no side effects.  Check out the website


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