Sample Veterans’ Morning Meditation

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“Often when I wake up in the morning, my brain is already buzzing with busy thoughts, thinking of the agenda of the coming day. Or dealing with bad memories and images. I realize that my life has been extraordinary. I have been trained to protect my country and my fellow man. I have been programmed to be a highly effective warrior. I have acquired tremendous skills. My machinery is in highly responsive, reactive mode. I am alert and on the ready.

But now that I am not at the front, I need to reprogram myself for civilian life. I need to relax into an ‘off duty’ mode. I have experienced tragic situations. These have left an imprint on my mind. On my emotional center. I had to participate in events that were difficult. Violent. All in the line of duty. Now I must let these images go. And be attentive to those around me Now.

It is not easy to forget these events. Psychic scars. But I know that the power of Now, when I am alive in the present moment is thousands of times more powerful than Any event of the past. Or the future. Now is the moment of my only real power.

My legacy of my life as a soldier will always be there. But right now is when I am alive. I know this is true but it is difficult to apply. Only with my breath can I make it go deeper than just my mind.

With my breath and my mind together I can achieve real chemical changes in my psyche and my whole body. I can turn on the neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Seratonin that immediately change my state. They replace the worry chemicals of Adrenalin and Cortisol. These are precious substances that I want to store and not waste on anxiety.

I breathe and feel the endorphins going into their receptor sites throughout my body. By myself, I have initiated an internal chemical change that I can feel. I know that I can do it again if this anxiety returns. I know that each time I turn the tide of these anxious feelings, I will build a cumulative effect. I feel connected and whole…”


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