Veterans Stress Relief/Renewed Energy Package

VETCOVER blueTo help our Veterans with PTSD, stress, insomnia and low energy, we offer a special combination package of remedies at a special price.  These are all natural herbal formulas that do not mask symptoms, but rather work ”upstream” to stimulate circulation and support the body’s innate ability to right itself– immediately and for long term healing.

CALM ZZZ: to counteract anxiety, insomnia, and poor sleep  $25.  100 caps

SHINE: for depression & anxiety  $25.  [Not to be used in combination with anti-depressant drugs.  Instead, use CALM for daytime nerves; helps headache, muscle cramps, clears the liver, and reduces irritability. $25.]  100 caps

ADRENOPLEX: Strengthens adrenal glands for ”burn out,” fatigue, and low energy  $30.  100 capsules

Double STRESS RELIEF CDs  for Vets or for Civilians. $15.  2 CDs per box

$95.00 when priced individually for 3 formulas and one box of double CDs.                                                                                                                                    The Stress Relief package discount price is  $85.00  plus $10. for tax, Shipping & Handling.

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