Earth’s Jewels and their Frequencies

Eath’s jewels and their frequencies is more and more in the news. Can we believe that stones, mined from deep within the earth’s crust, carry specific frequencies that can affect us personally?  This seems to have been the consensus throughout history among the most advanced civilizations.  From Neolithic grave sites to the Egyptian and Biblical sages and shamans, the stones’ radiation’s were used for visionary and healing purposes.  Some were ground into healing powders in China, Egypt and South America. Silicon is a vital component found both in crystals and in our bodies, and silicon allows a transfer of subtle electromagnetic energy.

SahasraraWearing a pendant is one way to facilitate the healing action of a rock crystal as it lays against the skin and emanates out to the wearer and to the beholder.  This particular crystal pendant is made of sterling silver around a black tourmaline medallion. Tourmaline resonates with the first three lower chakras and especially with the solar plexus and is known to work against depression. It influences digestion and assimilation of nourishment.  And it blocks negative frequencies from harming us by neutralizing them. Traditionally it is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

The pattern in this pendant is called “Sahasrara,” the term for the seventh chakra above the head.  It represents a thousand-petaled lotus flower, the image often seen on the head of a Buddha statue, and the symbol of our  gateway to super-consciousness and highest purpose. In Chinese theory, this point is called ”the Meeting of a Thousand Pathways”, where the energies of the many suns come through the top of our head and then circulate via a thousand neurons through the brain and down through the body.  A great acupuncture point for stimulating the brain and a strong focus of meditation.  So this pendant supports the potential powers of several chakras at once.

This and other sacred geometric stone pendants can be ordered from the website,  Support, heal, and beautify in one stroke!

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