Female Poor Circulation

IMG_0343 Female poor circulation is a very common problem.  Our blood system is so unique and is designed to be shared with an embryo.  How we replenish blood every month is part of the miracle of life. When our blood isn’t circulating properly, our feel-good chemicals do not circulate adequately either.  One of the main ”female” remedies in the Homeopathic pharmacopia is SEPIA.  It deals with venous congestion and acts directly on the portal system.  When our blood becomes stuck in certain corners of the body, this stasis creates problems such as weakness, yellowish complexion, and a kind of bearing-down sensation in the pelvic organs.  This results in unexpected urine drips and prolapsed organs.  

Female EssentialThe Homeopathic Medical Classic, the ”Materia Medica” lists each remedy and its effect on every part of the body–mind, head, nose, ears, organs, skin, male, female, etc.  Yes, Sepia affects emotions–irritability, sadness, and also addresses various form of ‘heaviness’ in many areas–heavy, restless limbs, heavy weight on the chest, and bearing down in abdomen.  It says in italics, ”Bearing down sensation in female organs as if everything would escape through the vulva.” (Luckily one doesn’t have to have every symptom for this remedy to work!)

Sepia is just one of the ingredients in the combination formula for women called FEMALE ESSENTIALS.  It covers most female problems–painful irregular periods, menopausal hot flashes, and more.   Sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle.  An inexpensive one-stop formula to have on hand.  Check it out!

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