Emotional Intelligence? How the Emotional Center Cuts the Body in Two

The lack of emotional Intelligence–how the emotional center cuts the body in two is a critical factor for our overall mental and emotional health.  The heart and solar plexus area of the body is the center of our emotional life. Given the attraction toward drama in Western culture, our emotional centers are often wrought with negative reactions to life’s ups and downs.  In our culture we appreciate a good dramatic plot which requires adversity, dramatic tension, crises, and lots of pathos. Every love song depicts a broken heart and lost love; most films contain assault and murder.  This is what we pay money to watch as ‘entertainment.’  It is beyond my understanding, since I can produce my own drama quite well in real life.

So whether we expose our poor nerves to real life dramas or fictional ones, the effect is traumatic for the body.  Over the years the ‘plaque’ of so many griefs and grievances, resentments and disappointments collects in the emotional center.  This build-up creates an armoring across the middle. The free circulation of blood and lymph that we experienced as a child is now cut off at a bottleneck.

The constancy of temperature regulation is undermined—we now tend to have a hot head and cold feet. This can go along with many other similar symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, tight muscles, and even ringing in the ears, as the excess energy is under pressure above. Meanwhile below we might have low back pain, poor flacid intestines, low libido, varicose veins and cold feet.

This problem of heat rising and top heavy energy is one of the main causal imbalances that an acupuncturist addresses. We must look to our emotional center to alleviate the pressure cooker that is boiling or exploding in our middle. Or it is sometimes a dead and dormant area, totally suffocating the normal circulation of blood and chi through the body.

This is the perfect set-up for the atrophying cellular action that we call cancer. This action occurs when the oxygen is stifled and when the terrain is so acidic that normal cellular life cannot flourish.  Cells are swamped in stagnant toxicity–the perfect fertilizer for down graded cells to proliferate like plants.

And what is the main culprit? The poor coping mechanisms–measured by our low scoring emotional IQ. We often are not given any direction toward a spiritual connection to the universe, to the planet, to our community, to our inner core.  Our spirit must be nurtured by our respiration–respiriting our whole body. I will address this further with more solutions to this armored emotions syndrome.

Please share with me your comments here below about the problem and the answers…! I appreciate the many emails but your enthusiasm is appreciated here!


  1. Marigrace Gleason says:

    Hi Kathleen I so loved your Emotional Intelligence article! I am not surprised by the impact on our bodies from the drama we engage in. But what you say gives such a direct connection between what I call “the stories we tell ourselves” and our health; as well as what choices we make to watch entertainment that creates the drama so many of us seek. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom! I am sharing this with others!

  2. Larry says:

    I’m glad to see someone writing about this.

    I have often felt that our culture perpetuates a mind/body split. As an example, notice that a man’s business attire usually includes a necktie. This necktie symbolically cuts off the brain from the body. This would allow one to make purely mental decisions that minimize emotional consequences.

  3. Jim Dreaver says:

    Interesting article, Kathleen, and the acupuncture connection is intriguing. The comment by Marigrace hits the nail on the head as far as I am concerned.Our “stories,” often unconscious, trigger our emotional reactions.

  4. Gail Swain says:


    Yes, I do agree that emotional intelligence is important. I have had too many family members die from cancer and I am quite positive that their emotional health was a big factor for their bodies inability to keep the cancer from growing. Since we all have cancer cells, it is quite evident that some people with strong immune systems, positive atittudes, and the abilitiy to “let things go,” are by far, healthier people.




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