Huffington Post on Swiss Homeopathy

The Huffington Post on Homeopathy in Switzerland:  A treatment written by my friend Dana Ullman in 2012.  Homeopathic medicine is a medical practice that reduces natural substances to a submolecular state so as to release the energetic signature of the element.  Since our physical system operates on electromagnetic frequencies, as measured in the heart and head by EEGs and EKGs for instance), this energy medicine can induce healing changes on a very deep level.

According to Ullman, the Swiss government “Health Technology Assessment” has determined that homeopathic medicine is effective and more cost-effective than conventional medicine.  The report was the most comprehensive review to date of any governmental body on the scientific evidence on homeopathic medicine. It was a thorough analysis of a wide variety of clinical studies and laboratory research. The report also reviewed the body of evidence on Homeopathy’s cost effectiveness.   Savings were a 15.4% reduction compared to conventional treatments. Surveys estimate that 57 percent of the Swiss population uses complementary medicine, and about 40 percent of all medical practitioners in Switzerland prescribed alternative treatments.

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