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A pioneer in the field of Complementary medicine, from 1972 studies in Hong Kong, Kathleen Rosenblatt co-founded the first acupuncture clinic in the U.S. at UCLA. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine and integrative medicine consultant, she specializes in removing psychological, emotional, and physical pain by getting at the underlying cause.  Author of René Daumal; The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide, published in Paris and SUNY Press, about ancient & modern metaphysical mind/body healing. Years of private practice with clinical psychologists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers. Now at the All Back & Joint Care Group in West Los Angeles.


Kathleen’s Cellular Meditations audio CDs engage all the ‘brains’ of the body—in every cell.  Practical balancing, visioning & cellular breathing to help normalize biochemical imbalances, reprogram negative patterns, release feel-good endorphins throughout the body, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and up the interface between physical, mental, and emotional energies, and complement all other ongoing therapies. Based on physiology and neurochemistry, you are guided on a relaxing journey through the universe of the body, stimulating a calming, natural high.  Science now validates the conscious mind’s ability to alter neuro-peptides generated through meditation.

Dr. Kathleen emphasizes the important role of endorphins, our “natural high” hormones produced in the physical body—how we have a hundred endorphin receptor sites in each of our 70 trillion cells.

Each segment contains:

—Simple ways to feel immediate endorphin response.

—Practical applications for creating the life we want.

—Ways to focus attention and reprogram negative patterns in order to achieve emotional readjustment.

—Physical exercises to reroute the negative tensions that collect in the solar plexus.

With a variety of musical backgrounds and a soothing voice, Dr. Kathleen speaks through the listener’s first-person voice. The aim of the message is to undo the tight constriction of our nerve & muscle tissue in order to feel the delicious airy, liquidy sensation of our ongoing inner, vibrating cellular processes. Like the “buzz” that some people seek from liquor or drugs, this natural ‘buzz’ is healthy, natural, and feels great!


Dr. Rosenblatt is also offering these deeply discounted Bonuses to Brain Body Bliss Members:

–25% discount for first Acupuncture, Massage, & Electro-magnetic Field Stimulation Treatment, Skype or Phone Counseling with Dr. Kathleen.




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