Longevity Pure Medicine

Longevity Pure Medicine

Homeopathic Vibrational Medicine, the 21st century Energetic approach for treating the body-mind constellation, based on ancient healing practices. Since 1984, Longevity has championed the growth and understanding of homeopathy, making these “user-friendly” combination remedies accessible and affordable. They are a valuable and safe alterative to OTC and prescription medicines for everyday ailments. These formulas are based on cutting edge theory which addresses imbalances by treating the problem way “up-stream” on the cellular energy level. Remedies such as Sinus, Hayfever, Female Balance, Aches & Pains; appetite control with BeLite; energy enhancement with BeEnergized, Acne, Antacid; de-stress with Relaxagent, Headache and Arthritis.  More Info

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