Real, virtual, or neural Sex: Is there a difference for your brain??

white lightReal, virtual, or neural Sex: Is there a difference for your brain??  Does the brain not know the difference between thinking and doing? Researchers found that when they measured the functional brain activity of people making decisions, the same activity occurred in the brain whether people actually performed the outcome of their decision or simply thought about what they would do. This means that for your brain and body, there is no distinction between thinking and doing during decision making. Thinking something causes a similar neural response as doing it.

Mercury & Herse in bed tapestry 1550The implication of this is that imagining good or bad outcomes can have physiological impact even if we aren’t doing anything but thinking.  The ramifications are staggering for our perception of reality and even for some of our institutions.  As sex is reported to be one of the most common obsessive thoughts, decisions or daydreams in our average population, I choose this as an example. If we think of having sex with someone, is that REALLY the same for our brain and neural functions as carrying it out?  I invite some feedback on this.  When Jimmy Carter admitted “I confess I had lust in my heart,”  what was his internal experience?  If we really accept this and attempt to experience  particular pleasures or pains vicariously, will we end up as arm chair lotharios?  It is a shorter jump from interactive to neural when one includes the pandemic of cyber sex, such that one can more easily experience prefab fictional, staged sex and not miss the real thing.  So strange to me. What are your feelings about this?  I invite your comments below on my blog.


  1. Mary says:

    Dear Dr. Kathleen,
    I think that this is useful information for Seniors or the handicapped who are incapable of having the “real” thing.

  2. There is obviously still an important distinction between thinking about an activity or action, and carrying it out in the physical plane. However, that our physiology reflects exactly the quality of our thoughts –helped or harmed –(check out psychoneurophysiology, and Jon Kabat-Zin’s Mindfulness work))as well as our actions: this drives home the need to learn to monitor, bear witness to –and direct consciously, our thinking process. Last, ‘reality’ begins within, is vibrational essentially, first; any thought, if thought upon strongly or often enough, will cause a related physical manifestation to reveal itself.

    There are two minds: our ‘critical –doing mind’, and ‘being-aware mind.’ Basic meditative skills give access to the stream of thoughts, and assure actions more in alignment with our truest heart’s desires. Leading to our best health.

  3. Etty Tal says:

    This is very interesting. To my opinion The stimulation of the brain by thinking of doing is like the real experience, is not complete. Yet the brain can imitate the feelings he has experienced because of its memory. The pleasures of the body will not be complete as we cannot feel satisfy thinking of food while we are hungry, and we cannot achieve sexual climate just by thinking of it. These are body needs. I still believe that the brain can produce emotional feelings that are not depend on reality.


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