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Spirits of the Season

I have always resonated with this Solstice season, and sought out the deepest meaning of Christmas that I could find, even back in high school. Now it has expanded to include so much more, or at least there are more reasons to explain what I already felt at this time of year.  Christmas at my uncle’s estate on the cliffs of Lake Erie was quite a scene. I’d disappear from my 30 cousins for a while and wander out on Erie’s ice dunes or tromp in the snow peering in on the happy scenes in others’ windows. I needed the blustery outdoor elements and the interior candlelight. It was always a magical feeling that I couldn’t explain.


Now I add Chanukah, the Winter Solstice, and Saturnalia to the equation–the Romans’ two weeks of revelry allowing the upper and lower classes to mix, while burning a log that would last that long. With the planetary alignments, opening portals into other dimensions this week, we can ride the waves of our consensual belief in a massive transformational moment. The LAST Christmas as we know it?

We had a two-year stay in Bath U.K. with  Christmases at Bath Abbey; and another one at magical Saint Sulpice (left) in the Gallo-Roman part of Paris and then at the amazing St. Etienne du Mont (below) on the first Frankish royal hill.

Why is it that ancient holy places retain all the aspirations and energy of every soul through all those centuries? Or is it simply the spectacular architecture? Or the way the music resonates?

As I lit Chanukah candles tonight and recited this ancient prayers, I was glad to partake in a language shared for milleniums. Just breathing in the strong sense of Spirit in this mix of evening cold, early darkness, and fireside warmth, I feel the sense of religion in its best sense of religio, ‘relinking’–us together and linking us back in time to feel their bumbling and majestic sense of the sublime.  The powers-that-were used the power of spirituality for crowd control and let them stupidly fight over their territorial sense of Godliness. So it ain’t a pretty story entirely, but the opiate of the masses did contribute to an angelic pipe line to Infinity… Let’s go with the best of it and make it work for healing the planet’s Heart. Let it pump fully. Heartily. I wish you great Feeling!



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