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Preventing Viral Replication With Ease

To continue the discussion of viruses during this flu season, I will dedicate a third blog to a single extraordinary product, ViRxal pronounced ‘Virexal’) which stops the replication of viruses. Through the years, I have depended on the very short list of available natural anti-virals such as Olive Leaf, Beta Glucan and certain powerful oils. I still use them, but now ViRxal is proving to be the most dramatic in its effects.

While a virus is dormant in a cell, ViRxal can do nothing directly against it, but its prophylactic use can keep the cellular terrain under control in order to inhibit any provocation to this sleeping demon. But if a virus does start to replicate within the cell due to stress, contagion, or lifestyle, then the crowded mass of new ‘baby’ viruses will finally have to burst out. That is the moment when ViRxal is at its most beneficial–a good reason to have it immediately at arm’s reach–at the first inklings of a cold or swollen gland, or at the first tingling sensation of a coming herpes blister. That is when the numbers can be handled best. So at viral onset or when an acute viral infection is full on, ViRxal should be increased to deal with the situation.

Viruses such as herpes and shingles are particularly mercurial and unpredictable. However, regular use of at least one ViRxal approximately every 12 hours will give preventive around-the-clock coverage to discourage, scavenge, and eliminate the virus. Thus prevention is best! We always suggest that one start slowly with one capsule, with or without food, for the first 2 to 4 days.  This will minimize any strong detox reaction and discomfort. Then, one every 12 hours. If you are in an active outbreak or feel that you are stressed, or sense the early signs of an outbreak, you can take up to 3 to 4 twice a day.

There is no downside to heavy dosage of ViRxal. Heavy usage results in a strong beneficial detox, support for the gastrointestinal tract, re-mineralization of the body, and many other benefits. The researchers have had cases where strong use over a period of 18 months  led to the rebuilding of discs. Another benefit of ViRxal is that when taken with a  healthy meal or with supplements, it acts as a carrier and increases the cellular uptake of the nutrients in your food, making your on-going health regime more effective.

In addition, ViRxal works systemically in the body to increase blood oxygen levels, and works as an anti-aging bi-directional anti-oxidant.  This means that it is a carrier of nutrients IN and toxins OUT. As an optimal source of bio-available minerals, it supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract. The innate intelligence of the product responds to the needs of the individual body’s demands and addresses each challenge it encounters. All these impressive benefits are taking place while ViRxal continues to scavenge and eliminate any free floating viruses. With all the GMO foods, pesticides, and pollutants, along with the financial stresses of today, we need to be well protected. Sometimes the protectants are hidden but not hard to find!

I think this product will go Viral!

For purchase, the website is www.virxal.com and the blog site www.humicnews.com for more information.




Anti-Viral for Flu & Herpes

With so many flu cases around, I am not surprised by the many email responses to my blog about this anti-viral product ViRxal (pronounced Virexal). So I decided to continue the discussion and address some of the inquiries in two more blogs.

In my practice, when patients come to me for treatment of colds and flu, they often feel better immediately from the Acupuncture treatment of the throat, lungs, achey joints, and the clearing of internal wirings for fast detoxification. Then I send them home with ViRxal and they recover fast.

Many young and older readers have written wanting to know just how it deals with Herpes. I have seen immediate dramatic results in several patients as well as slow, long term effects in others. But What IS the process?? We all carry viruses from a variety of sources and some viruses actually perform necessary actions in the body. The challenge is for our immune system to keep our viral load low so viruses have no bad effects on us and we are unaware of their presence. ViRxal is the most natural, non-invasive way to keep viruses in check because it uses Nature’s own system of bacterial breakdown—humification. Just as diamonds come from compressed carbon, so this is the process of producing powerful healing acids from matter compressed for hundreds of thousands of years, from molecules formed when our planet was pristine.

Latent viruses’ ability to hide for extended periods of time makes these viruses especially hard to eliminate from the body. Herpes and other latent viruses such as shingles and HIV can lie dormant inside of cells for years. But it is usually when the body is stressed or the immune system compromised that they begin replicating and breaking out of the cell.  When viruses exit a cell, the Humic acid in ViRxal will attach to the virus’s receptors and will stop the “viral infusion process,” preventing it from entering another healthy cell where it would seek to replicate into still more viruses. When Humic acid attaches to a virus, the virus will die of old age in less than 80 hours and will be eliminated from the body by the normal pathways. Thus over time, Virxal lessens the severity and frequency of the outbreaks, and reduces the pain and other noxious effects of these latent viruses. In many cases, over time ViRxal virtually stops the outbreaks altogether.

If one knows that one has the Herpes virus, then it only makes sense to use ViRxal as a daily preventive regime. Herpes can cause many more internal problems than just uncomfortable surface blisters and can be contagious even when no outbreaks occur. Remembering that this daily intake will also protect against cold, flu, and possible painful shingles from the remnants of the chicken pox virus of our childhood makes it a welcomed discovery!

For purchase, the website is www.virxal.com and the blog site www.humicnews.com for more information.






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