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All God’s Names: A Poem

Can All God’s Names give us a hint as to His/Her identity? How every culture relates to this unseen palpable energy that we call ‘God’ continues to fascinate me. We only agree to “one God” if He is ours.  I wrote this poem in 2002 when I thought that September 11th was mostly about religion. Now I know it was about a lot more than that. Yet this still plays a major divisive role in our world.  Here is the first part of the poem, the second half to follow in my next blog.  

Kathleen Rosenblatt
What will I call you today, Lord?
Allah, Yahweh, Dios, Apollo, Indra, Holy Ghost?
What languages are you speaking today?

It is said that You are Creator and Linguist
of all planets.
You speak Mandarin, Nahuatl, Sanskrit, Pharsi,
Latin, Arabic, and all 300 dialects in India.
For every culture— a sacred language,
To speak ceremonies, formulas…
Prayers to invoke You.

Certainly the Lord of the Universe
is just as sacred
in Arabic as in English.
If we believe in your omnipresence,
Why can’t we accept that You are You,
in everything,
Everywhere, in all times—
with Moses… and Mohammed.

Surely you would have contacted
Someone in North America.
Why not Black Elk or Mormon Joseph Smith?
We say you are all-powerful, and yet,
We can’t accept your sending a messenger
to any culture but our own.

In our superiority, we reject pantheists
as primitive…
Those who feel your presence
in the stars and oceans.
The Native American rites
were innately spiritual,
Honoring your presence in every blade of grass,
Yet we called them… “pagan”.

Can’t we ALL be part of “The Grand Old Religion,”
“The Chosen Few,” or “The One True Church”
in this larger sense?
If we all believe in a single monotheistic, omnipotent God?
A God above all his regional names??
He would take care of everyone, no?

To be continued..!


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