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Crosby, Stills & Nash: No on Prop 32 / Yes on Bradley M.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash are at it again. They never give up applying their star power to needy causes– to right the wrongs of the world. Prop 32 is one of those, so…just as they finished a LONG tour up the coast, they still had the energy to perform at the humongous Nokia Theater last week.  This was to protect the firefighters union, nurses and other groups from the greed of special interests. With Tom Morello opening, the concert was powerful. 

Their voices only seem to get better with age. David Crosby sounds richer each time I hear him. He can really hold his notes. Graham has such fervor in his voice, and is a killer on the harmonica, among other instruments.  Steven Stills’ guitar dexterity is phenomenal, and his early Buffalo Springfield song , “For What It’s Worth” (“Something’s Happening Here”) written during the Watts riots in the mid-Sixties,  still holds a powerful charge–after fifty years–inspiring the warrior spirit in us to expose yet more corrupt uses of power.

Their music is so basically healing–whether to help us get our righteous anger out, or rise on their harmonies to other realms, or celebrate the sweetness of home (“Our House”). Their repertoire covers every aspect of a balanced life–the adventure of “Marrakesh Express”, to the haunting “Guinevere” to the human condition of “Helplessly Hoping.”  It was the music that kept our generation sane.  Innocence and outrage in equal measure.

Now this Friday, Oct. 26th, Graham Nash is doing an intimate performance at the Church in Ocean Park to raise funds for Bradley Manning, the WikiLeaks whistleblower, the young soldier who chose to expose the corruption he encountered in the Middle East War. He has been horribly and unfairly treated ever since. Come Friday, October 26th, 7:30 PM, to The Church In Ocean Park 235 Hill Street, Santa Monica 90405.

This Bradley Manning Song & Video by Graham Nash is VERY powerful –

Reception with Graham Nash at 6:30 PM; Doors open at 7:30 PM;
Performance at 8:00 PM. Graham Nash will be accompanied by excellent musicians in the CSN band:                                                          James Raymond (Crosby’s son) & Shane Fontayne.

Discussion led by Bradley Manning Support Network organizer Emma Cape. Purchase partly tax deductible tickets here: savebradley.brownpapertickets.com  Supported by Veterans for Peace and radio station KPFK.

Graham puts his voice where his heart is.

Graham Nash’s Gift to Veterans: Gallery Show Opening Night

Last night Graham Nash was superb at his opening at Gallery 169. It was the largest crowd they had ever had–just off the beach at PCH and Channel Road in Santa Monica.  Graham’s photographic assemblages were sometimes beautiful,  sometimes disturbing. They have a strong political content which reflects Graham’s concern about our crazy planet.  And his desire for solutions as reflected in his interest in my Veterans’ Stress Release CDs which will benefit from the proceeds of his art show.

One of the goals of these Cellular Meditation Stress Release CDs  is to melt the interior walls of the automatic brain.  My repetitive brain function is stuck in certain patterns, often based on fears of various intensities.  Many of these fear patterns are lifelong, from childhood.  As I outgrew some, I grew into new ones, so the pattern of living in a fear dynamic was set.  Some fears were attached to my youth; now new ones are connected to getting old! Worries, agendas, concerns, that become so habitual, they become familiar sign posts that represent ME, or my little prison that I have become attached to.

Veterans’ Stress Release CDs cover many of these issues and pull me into a joyful NOW. They get me used to just being present and learning to see joy around me instead of fear.  Even listening to them in the car affects my conscious brain, while listening to them in a dark room, sitting or lying down takes me deeper on an excursion of this whole body full of brains… More anon…


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